Classic advertising


Classic advertising

Even though we are an agency that focuses predominantly on digital media and platforms, we still believe that classic advertising still has a big impact on a company’s overall strategy. Classic advertising formats include print media, radio as well as TV, but also outdoor advertising or the provision of promotional items.

As with all forms of marketing and communications, it depends on the company, your goals, the industry and the target audience to decide which approach is most effective for you. As a full-service agency, we offer you everything from a single source, reducing communication and coordination efforts and achieving a consistent and memorable omnichannel presence for your brand.

Making classic advertising measurable

A major disadvantage of classic forms of advertising is often the argument that this type of advertising is not measurable. This means that you can’t really measure and evaluate the success of your advertising investment. But this is not quite true. Traditional advertising media also offer the possibilities of making the success of the advertising measure measurable to a certain extent. We will show you how this can be implemented very simply and how it can be linked to other digital advertising campaigns.

How we can help you

Would you like to be one of the digital pioneers of Web 3.0? We support and advise you on which measures are necessary to establish your presence in the metaverse. Together we identify the opportunities that arise for your company and your product or service and how we can implement them efficiently.

You would like to have your own company building in the Metaverse and make it available for your employees, but also use it as a new touch point for other user:s? No problem at all!

You want to advertise in the Metaverse? We show you how the new marketing of tomorrow works and becomes reality for you today.

We are also happy to support you in generating your own NFT and subsequently marketing it.

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