A metaverse is a virtual space designed to create a digital and interactive environment for users in the form of an avatar. The primary purpose is to enable users to experience social interactions through augmented reality. Companies are already using various metaverses such as Decentraland or Horizon to take advantage of new opportunities as digital pioneers and to offer their customers touch points with their brand in the so-called Web 3.0 as well.

Advantages of the Metaverse

Early entry into the Metaverse offers many benefits to many companies. In addition to tapping into a new target group, a company positions itself as a digital pioneer and already ensures a stable presence in Web 3.0 long before the competition becomes active. In addition, the current cost of land in the Metaverse is very low and offers the opportunity to acquire central and future popular areas at a reasonable price.

Users are offered completely new possibilities to operate with a company independent of location. For example, digital showrooms can be used for the launch of a new product, which provides a much stronger emotional impact than, for example, a simple product introduction video. Many companies also use the Metaverse to provide a corporate meeting place for conferences and sharing among their employees. This is particularly interesting for companies that increasingly offer home offices for their employees.

As pioneers, however, companies benefit not only from the direct effects within the metaverse, but also from external factors such as PR that can lead to broad reach and media attention.

How we can help you

Would you like to be one of the digital pioneers of Web 3.0? We support and advise you on which measures are necessary to establish your presence in the metaverse. Together we identify the opportunities that exist for your business and your product or service and how we can implement them efficiently.

Do you want to have your own company building in the Metaverse and make it available both for your employees, but also for other users as a new touch point? No problem at all!

You want to advertise in the Metaverse? We show you how the marketing of tomorrow works and becomes a reality for you today.

We are also happy to support you in generating your own NFT and subsequently marketing it.

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  • January - March 2020
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  • Strategie, Idee und Konzept
  • Eintritt ins Metaverse
  • Errichtung Ihres digitalen Wunschgebäudes
  • Werbeschaltung im Metaverse
  • Generierung von NFTS
new ways of marketing.

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