The development of the brain

About six million years ago, the development of man began and about two million years ago, man learned to use fire. Changing environmental influences forced early man to constantly adapt during his time of development. In the process, our brains as well as our reward centers also tried to adapt as well as possible to these external factors.

Today, it is undisputed that the world we live in has never developed more rapidly than at any time in human history. Our environment is evolving at an exponential rate, especially due to digitalization. Our brain has no chance to adapt to these changes at a consistent pace. According to this, the reward centers of our brain even today still hardly differ from those of a Neanderthal. Targeted marketing strategies can appeal precisely to these evolutionary instincts and thus not only influence our reward centers, but also affect our behavior.

The power of the subconscious

Most people are convinced they know what is going on in their head. A conscious thought leads to the next thought in a well-ordered way. But this does not correspond to the typical functioning of our brain as well as the formation of thoughts, beliefs and ultimately actions.

Most of our thoughts originate in our subconscious mind without us knowing exactly how that thought got there. We cannot reconstruct why, for example, a certain answer came to our mind first for some questions, and what influenced this emergence of just this answer. Our subconscious is constantly exposed to external influencing factors that set memory processes in motion and give rise to thoughts that we are convinced, in retrospect, we consciously controlled.

Our subconscious mind cannot resist unexpected stimuli and stimuli, and a variety of behavior patterns are predictable and thus controllable.

We want to suggest how human behavior comes about, what influences that behavior, and how we can impact that behavior through targeted stimuli and marketing efforts.

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