Performance Marketing


Performance Marketing

Performance marketing includes all online marketing activities that allow measurement of activities and subsequent results. The aim is therefore to generate measurable successes and, on the basis of these, to optimize the previously planned measures. The big advantage over traditional forms of advertising is obvious: companies know which advertising campaign, on which channel, with which target group, which text and which ad will lead to success and which will not.

Which advertising channel is the right one?

Not sure if Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest is the optimal advertising platform for your brand? In fact, neither do we. Performance marketing is a constant testing and optimization of different strategies and advertising channels. Through tracking, properly structured attribution models, and pre-determined metrics, we will work together to determine which channel is best for your business. However, we can of course recommend some channels in advance from our experience that have proven profitable in the past and currently in certain industries.

The motto at this point: Less Ego more Data!

What we work with

  • Rome
  • January - March 2020
Our services
  • Strategie, Idee und Konzept
  • Erstellung der Werbekonten
  • Einrichtung von Tracking und eines Attributionsmodells
  • Schalten und Aufsetzen der Ads
  • Durchführung von A/B-Tests
  • Ergebnisauswertung sowie fortlaufende Optimierung
new ways of marketing.

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