SEM - Search Engine Marketing


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing comprises the subfields of SEA and SEO, both of which are concerned with ensuring that a website is better found in various search engines. Accordingly, the aim is to attract as many suitable visitors as possible to one’s own web presence in order to achieve further profitable actions by a user (purchases, leads, interaction, etc.). SEA means search engine advertising. In this process, targeted advertisements are placed for relevant search terms (keywords) so that the company’s own website is listed in the first results by a search engine for matching search terms. SEO means search engine optimization and is intended to provide good organic visibility within a search engine.

Search engine advertising pursues the goal of having a company’s website appear at the top of the results pages of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo in the form of a paid advertisement. Both paid and organic search engine results have a predefined range and are not in competition with each other. Accordingly, even the best SEO-optimized website never manages to appear in the first place of the first results page.

The ad placement is done via an auction process, which means that a bid is placed for a specific search term in order to display a matching ad in the results list. How high this bid will be and at which top position the ad will be played depends on various factors. This includes the relevance of the ad to the search term as well as the relevance of the website linked in the search ad and from the respective competition.

Search engine optimization includes all measures that contribute to the visibility of a website within the unpaid results list of a search engine. This is also referred to as organic search engine ranking, where a variety of different factors have an influence on this ranking.

Basically, a distinction is made between onpage and offpage optimizations. Onpage optimization includes factors such as improving the content, i.e. the presented content of a website in the form of better texts, an optimization of images and meta information as well as an overall better user experience for a website visitor. Technical factors of the server used, the CMS or the source code also play an important role in the onpage optimization measures. Offpage optimizations, on the other hand, refer to factors that are not directly related to one’s own website. This includes the generation of so-called backlinks. These are links of the own domain, which can be found on other websites. In addition, visibility can also be improved through content measures within social media.

SEM advantages

Search engine marketing is the foundation of your presence on the web. Because without visibility, even the most beautiful and modern website is of no use if a user only finds your website on page 5 of the results. Especially search engine advertising allows you to address exactly the target group that is currently interested in your product or service. Furthermore, advertising costs are only incurred if someone is actually interested in your offer and clicks on the ad. If this does not happen, at least you benefit from a free perception of your brand.

Both SEA and SEO play an increasingly important role when it comes to attracting new customers. Therefore, both aspects should not be neglected either, because a good SEO-optimized website supports the planned SEA measures and saves you a lot of advertising budget.

SEM for your company

Search engine marketing is particularly suitable for products and services for which a customer needs specific information before making a purchase decision. Because where do potential new customers look first? That’s right, on the net!

Thus, we have already been working successfully for several years with companies from a wide range of industries. These include financial service providers, insurance companies, fitness studios, and also companies from the food and beverage sector.

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